Oct. 12, 2013


Another weekend, another pizza!

This one’s the Taco Pizza from Julie Hasson’s Vegan Pizza. There’s a layer of cashew-based cheddar cheese sauce, followed by a generous helping of homemade cheddar cheese (recipe courtesy of John Sclimm’s The Cheesy Vegan), homemade Taco Crumbles (TVP + quinoa), tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and tortilla chips to garnish. Ridiculously good!

The cheddar cheese didn’t fare as well in the oven as I’d hoped; it got a little soft, but didn’t quite melt. If you look closely, you can make out the individual shreds on the pizza - that’s after about 20 minutes at 500F.  It’s reminiscent of Follow Your Heart’s cheddar cheese blocks in taste and texture, though I think it falls somewhere between FYH and Daiya in terms of meltability. It’s pretty tasty - and handy in a pinch - but probably I’ll stick to Daiya for pizza.

I’m still curious to try it in a mac & cheese sauce, as well as a baked pasta dish. I’m also dying to try the mozzarella, to see if it’s any different (like with FYH). Further research required!

Enter to win a copy of The Cheesy Vegan here. Don’t say I didn’t remind you about a hundred times!

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Oct. 20, 2012

68 year old gardener Peter Glazebrook produces onion weighing 18lb and smashes the world record previously set by himself. 

i am so happy 4 him look how happy he looks

reason #1231244134 i need to move to an organic farm asap look how happy

I wish I was cuddling a giant onion.


68 year old gardener Peter Glazebrook produces onion weighing 18lb and smashes the world record previously set by himself. 

i am so happy 4 him look how happy he looks

reason #1231244134 i need to move to an organic farm asap look how happy

I wish I was cuddling a giant onion.

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Jul. 1, 2012

submitted by 2wheelsforwings:

Vegan Pizza Day Montage- 3 Meals. 3 Pizzas.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Blackbird Vegan Pizzeria

(picture snagged for WindfallXVX)

Cheeze Sauce with Tofu Scramble topped with Daiya Mozerella 

And an Overfilled Flatbread Crust with Brussel Sprouts, Tofu, Onion, Pepperoni, Daiya, and Garlic

[Three pizzas, WOW.

We salute you! - ed.]

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