Mar. 7, 2014

Despite some rain, there is not much graze for the rescued ruminants like Theo and Murphy to eat. We go through $50 worth of hay A DAY.A bale of hay is around $15. Please donate today and help feed the cows, sheep, and goats. Donate here.


Despite some rain, there is not much graze for the rescued ruminants like Theo and Murphy to eat. We go through $50 worth of hay A DAY.

A bale of hay is around $15. Please donate today and help feed the cows, sheep, and goats.

Donate here.

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Mar. 1, 2014


KICKSTART YOUR DAY WITH: “Because Of Them, We Can…” by Eunique Jones Gibson

This amazing photo campaign for kids where African-American children pose as the great African Americans of our past and present that helped PoC to become who they are now, started out as a project for Black History Month. The photographer behind the project, Eunique J. Gibson, then realized that doing this for only 28 days out of the month of February couldn’t and wouldn’t do.

Extending it to a full year where everyday, she would post a new photograph up on social networks, Gibson started the Kickstarter to turn her photo series into a book. She hopes to raise $80,000 by mid June, and has so far raised a little over $9,000.

Want to help the cause? Click the title to support!

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Feb. 19, 2014



At House Rabbit Society headquarters, we are ALMOST ready to start taking appointments for our BRAND NEW rabbit spay/neuter monthly clinic in the SF Bay Area!

But, we need your help!  Donate now, and we will give free rabbit spay/neuters on opening day to bunnies in need in the community (regular price $50 for spay/neuter)!

For every 2 spay/neuter surgeries donated to House Rabbit Society:   

1 surgery helps a House Rabbit Society bunny waiting for a home
1 surgery helps a bunny in the community - to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits and accidental litters that enter the Bay Area’s shelter system each year   
Please give generously and help us Fix Our Bunnies!

I volunteered with the House Rabbit Society and I will endorse them as an EXCELLENT non-profit. Signal boosting!

Wonderful idea!




At House Rabbit Society headquarters, we are ALMOST ready to start taking appointments for our BRAND NEW rabbit spay/neuter monthly clinic in the SF Bay Area!
But, we need your help!  Donate now, and we will give free rabbit spay/neuters on opening day to bunnies in need in the community (regular price $50 for spay/neuter)!
For every 2 spay/neuter surgeries donated to House Rabbit Society:   
1 surgery helps a House Rabbit Society bunny waiting for a home

1 surgery helps a bunny in the community - to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits and accidental litters that enter the Bay Area’s shelter system each year   

Please give generously and help us Fix Our Bunnies!

I volunteered with the House Rabbit Society and I will endorse them as an EXCELLENT non-profit. Signal boosting!

Wonderful idea!

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Jan. 23, 2014



This is going to be really hard to write so please bear with me.
This is my dog, Sally. I’ve adopted her on 13-07-2012, after working at a shelter for a while where she had been for a long time.

Sally is a tripod dog and pretty big, with some old scars and traumas, hence why such a beautiful creature had such minimal chances of being adopted. I still don’t get it, she’s the happiest and sweetest thing ever, I don’t know why being a tripod would discourage someone from taking her home, but that’s a whole other story…
Since I’ve had her, she’s had multiple anal gland infections and the last one was really, really bad. We had a shit doctor that didn’t take care of it and the only known ointment that works on this cases was sold-out until next year, and even after doing anything I knew and could, she got worse and worse, to the point where her left gland opened a 3 cm hole and wouldn’t close up. She ended up having surgery 3 days ago, to clean and remove most of the gland, and it was a pretty big and invasive surgery, that left her with many stitches and 2 surgical drains. They told me to pick her up on the same day, which I found weird, after such an invasive and hard procedure.
They prescribed oral and topical antibiotics and I should clean the wound every time she used the bathroom, and she’d have to return to the hospital daily to have her drains cleaned. After the first day she ripped the drains out because she is so itchy and uncomfortable the only thing she can do is drag her bottom on the floor. I had talked to the vets about this and they told me there’s was nothing we could do, and that I needed to avoid this - it is completely impossible for me to avoid something like this, and I haven’t been taking her outside for walks because I’m too scared she’ll get an infection from dragging her bottom on the street. Today I woke up and she was restless. I got up and saw the worst scenario… The floor and her bed were full of blood and so was her bottom. She lost a lot of blood. There was no time to cry or clean or think. We rushed her to the hospital where they said she’d have to wait until 6pm to have surgery. Now comes the hardest part… My mom is the only one sustaining our family of 3 + Sally, and both me and my mom have chronic illnesses that make out medical bills already huge and makes it really hard for her to work - she has actually been sick in bed for the last 2 days and so have I.

Sally’s first surgery was 160 euros, plus 36 euros of analysis to make sure she could have surgery, plus the rest we’ve been spending with her in the past months in every medical appointment, I’ve lost the count of money. Now I have no idea how much this other surgery will be, and I’m really scared that she’ll need more expensive treatments and we don’t have money to help her. I’d rather die than not take care of her. So I’m doing something I never did and I’m asking that anyone that can and wants to help us, to donate something, 1 euro/dollar/pound/etc, whatever you can give, or just share this so other people can see and help us somehow. This is really hard for us but this dog has been through a lot, losing one leg and being abandoned, and still she is the sweetest, happiest and mellowest dog I’ve ever known in my life.

This is our Paypal account where you can donate to:
Sally Needs Us

I will post updates soon. Please share and thank you so much for your time.

I’ve never talked to anyone who has tried harder to make sure their dog has a great life. Please please donate! I’m going to tomorrow!

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Dec. 23, 2013


We are in that crucial <24 hour period for Max - can you help with the power of reblog???  Thanks in advance :)

Max is a 4 year old labrador.  He was adopted from the Humane Society of Central Illinois in February 2012.  About a month ago, his owner noticed he seemed to have some pain in his back legs after walks.  He is 107 pounds so she thought it might be hip dyplasia.  The vet did xrays and his hips were actually in perfect shape.  It turns out both his cruciate ligaments in each of his knees are torn.  This is a condition that is very painful for Max because he has no support in his knees.  Surgery is a must at this point, because he has a hard time walking or even squatting to go potty.  His owner is a college student who cannot currently possibly pay for the surgery all on her own, so she is working as hard as she can to make it happen and is also asking for help.  Thank you for considering sweet Max!

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Dec. 13, 2013

[rape, assault, attempted murder tw] Bloomingdale Library rape survivor goes public with her story



For years, she was known to the public as the Bloomingdale Library rape victim.

Then, in 2011, her family asked she be called the Bloomingdale Library rape survivor.

Now, she wants people to just call her Queena.

On the night of April 24, 2008, when Queena went to the Bloomingdale Library to return books, she was raped, beaten and left to die. She was 18, about to graduate high school and getting ready to attend the University of Florida on a full scholarship. Her attacker, Kendrick Morris, now 21, was convicted in May 2011 and is serving a 65-year state prison sentence.

Since then, her family and the community have held fundraisers and 5K races to raise money for her treatment, never revealing her name or showing her face.

That’s changing.

On Saturday, the family will launch a new website, The site documents Queena’s life and recovery. It features updates on her progress from her doctors, therapists and her family, photos and a link to donate through PayPal.

The family wanted a way for the public to help Queena, now turning 23, without having to write a check or go to a bank, her mother Vanna, 50, said.

But they wanted a better name for the website than “Bloomingdale Survivor.” Friends offered suggestions like “My Angel” or “Living Angel.” Queena would make a face, with her mouth in the shape of an O, to indicate no, she didn’t like those.

Her sister, Anna, 26, asked her: Did she just want Her face lit up with a smile, Vanna said. They asked her over and over, are you sure you want to use your real name?

She was sure. She wants to be an inspiration, her sister said, not a victim. They decided on

At the request of the family, and because of the nature of the crime, last names are being withheld by the Tampa Bay Times.

The attack left Queena unable to walk, talk, see or eat on her own. She lives at home southeast of Tampa with her mother, who cares for her full time. But she has made some progress, Anna said.

Queena eats pureed foods, can form some syllables and can stand for periods of time with little assistance, Anna said. She has taken a few steps with the help of therapists and is tracking objects with her eyes better.

Her therapies include speech, physical and occupational, aquatic, yoga, neuro-stimulating treatments, acupuncture, massage and music.

Medicaid covers $1,500 per year for speech and physical therapy. But it costs the family about $70,000 a year for all of Queena’s therapies and medical supplies.

Queena has different therapy sessions each week in St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Valrico and Sun City Center. Her mother drives her, and the cost for gas adds up.

The family relies on donations to a fund for Queena through the Bank of Tampa and SunTrust. In the first three years after the attack, donations poured in. People still donate, but every year donations are fewer and fewer, Vanna said. She’s concerned about the fund running dry.

She’s worried about bankruptcy. She’s worried they’ll have to cut back therapies, that she won’t be able to take Queena out as much. When they go out, people talk to Queena and she listens to everyone around her. It’s good for her, Vanna says, because it stimulates her brain.

"I get afraid," she said.

In addition to the website launch, Queena will attend a 23rd birthday celebration her family is holding for her at 1 p.m. Saturday at Keel and Curley Winery in Plant City, with a prayer vigil at 2 p.m.

"Every time her birthday rolls around, we are all reminded of how precious life is," Anna said. "To see the community come together every year, it is very heartwarming and gives the family that extra comfort and motivation to keep pushing forward."

On Wednesday, Queena lay in a hospital bed in her blue room at home, where her physical therapist comes for the day’s session. Her therapy dog, Charlie, a little white Shih Tzu adopted from county Animal Services last year, waits for her in another room. Medical supplies share the shelves with stuffed animals and Gators memorabilia. The therapist works with Queena while her home health aide looks on. He works on her leg muscles while she’s lying down. He props small inflatable balls under her legs and has her push against his hands with her foot.

They slowly help her up so her arms are resting on balls on either side of her. The therapist tells her to look straight ahead. When she’s sitting up, he’ll let go of her for seconds at a time to work on sitting up on her own. He’ll ask if she’s doing okay. She makes a noise to tell him she’s all right.

Paula McDonald of Wimauma helped put together the website. She got to know Queena’s family when her daughter, Kendall, was a senior at East Bay High School last year. Kendall and other students at East Bay, which Queena had attended, helped organize a 5K fundraiser, and McDonald offered to help the family any way she could.

McDonald works in design and communications, and in November got in touch with Full Media, an Internet marketing company in Georgia she had worked with before, to get some tips on how to set up Queena’s website. The company ended up offering to create the site for the family.

"They really stepped up to the plate," McDonald said. "They were really interested in Queena’s story and helping with the website."

McDonald admires the family’s sense of strength and forgiveness, she said.

"For me as a parent, it hits close to home," she said. "Parents of teenage daughters, especially, you never hope to find yourself in that situation."

As kids, Queena and Anna were inseparable, Anna said. Their mother worked a lot, and Anna babysat her sister.

"We played together, slept in bunk beds, took the bus together, went to sleepovers together, crossed the street together," she said. "We were opposites, but we rarely fought."

Her sister was “Miss Bossy,” Anna said. “She cracked me up all the time, and still does. She has a cute, klutzy personality and it’s hard not to laugh at her nonsense.”

Like the time, just after getting her driver’s license, Queena drove her sister to the mall for the first time. She pulled into a parking spot, got out, shut the door, then realized the keys were still in the car. And the car was still running.

"She is the best, most supportive and fun sister I could have ever asked for," Anna said.

Anna has lived with Queena and their mother for the past five years to help with Queena’s care. She’s moving soon, to a house about 15 minutes away. Queena has already staked claim on her bedroom for when she visits.

Queena’s journey has put life into perspective, Anna said.

"It’s almost impossible to have a bad day when I think of everything that she has gone through and the resilience that she shows," Anna said. "Life is about family and community and doing the best you can to positively influence those around you."

I wish more people would reblog instead of just liking this post since her family is struggling financially. They’re constantly having to host fundraisers to pay for her medical bills.

Just to remind everyone of how gruesome this case was, in addition to being sexually assaulted, the perpetrator "[Kendrick] Morris beat [Queena] so badly, he broke her nose and fractured her skull. She can no longer see, walk or talk."

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Dec. 6, 2013


A generous donor is matching gifts to our Rescue Medical Fund up to $5,000. If you want to support the work we do, please give to Animal Place and DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT:


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Nov. 11, 2013

How to help Typhoon Haiyan survivors



Please note that the Philippine Red Cross site uses PhP (the Philippine Peso) and not USD. 1 USD = 43.19 PHP.

Please consider donating through NAFCON instead. Grassroots orgs in the US are working in solidarity with orgs in the Philippines to bring relief to those who need it most.

About a year ago, I was in the in the Philippines and I ended up helping with some typhoon relief projects and it wasn’t Red Cross or the other large organizations (or the Philippine government) that made it out to the most devastated areas, but the smaller, more grassroots organizations that brought relief and rebuilding to the areas.

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Oct. 14, 2013


NEW! Please help Dexter by reblogging him so we can collect donations toward his goal - if you are able to contribute, even better!  :)

Dexter is a 6 year old puggle in the care of Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation after being surrendered by his owner.  He has a hematoma in his ear which was likely caused by some sort of trauma. It has already been drained, but unfortunately it has filled up again and the vets say now it will need to be surgically removed.  Rescue funds are running short lately with many medical cases coming in continuously. Please help SNBRF get Dexter taken care of so they can find him a forever home - thank you!

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Oct. 2, 2013


The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, commonly known as ESMA, is in urgent need of help

This is a personal plea.

Three years ago, I decided I needed a canine best friend in my life. After getting my family on board and many days of searching, I came across ESMA’s Facebook page.

ESMA is the largest no kill shelter in Egypt. It was founded in 2007 after a horrific shooting spree of strays occurred. The shelter is currently housing over 1,000 dogs and cats. Most of these animals are in horrible condition and need long term treatment. According to ESMA member Chris, they often find abused and/or sick dogs dumped at the shelter gates.

When I went to the shelter in 2010 to adopt my dog Shiko, I was shocked by the amount of animals ESMA was taking care of. I was also saddened because all these animals were in dire need of help and I had never seen cases of cruelty with my own eyes. I felt better when I remembered they were now being taken care of.

I remember a German Shepherd who was awfully quiet. I later found out he was blind. I remember another dog, this time a normal looking stray (named baladi in Egypt), and judging by the look of his skin, he was seriously abused. 

And then there’s Filfil the Egyptian Cutie. Filfil is a baladi dog whose front legs were chopped off. 

I’m sure we can all imagine how much it costs to take care of such cases. Now multiply that figure by 1,000+.

ESMA is a shelter that runs solely on donations. The founders do not make money out of this. The members do not receive salaries. They do it simply because they want to give animals the love, care, and shelter they need until they find them suitable, permanent, and loving homes.

**Some animals at ESMA have been there for a long time simply because the majority of the Egyptian population prefers to buy instead of adopt, which of course causes more problems for the shelter.

Now ESMA is closed due to lack of funds. The only cases they accept are those regarding animals in critical condition. Other than that, they have shut down.

This is why I am writing this post. ESMA is run by truly compassionate people in a country where animals do not matter. It’s because of them that I have Shiko who literally is the best thing to ever happen to me. It is also because of them that countless animals are no longer in danger and are healthy and safe waiting for homes or already have homes.

I am asking you to please consider making a donation to ESMA through Animal Diplomacy. 

From their website:

Founded in 2008, the mission of Animal Diplomacy is to support the work of animal welfare and advocacy organizations in the developing world, and the Middle East in particular, through financial and capacity-building assistance. We also aim to raise international awareness of animal welfare issues in these countries.

No matter how much you send, whether it is five dollars or fifty, it all goes straight to ESMA, which means a better life for those 1,000 animals. And hopefully in the near future, means ESMA will once again be up and running to take in animals in need.

Please reblog this urgent post and share it on your personal profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other social media sites you use.

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Sep. 19, 2013


Freedom hill Sanctuary is a small, not for profit organization, dedicated to providing a loving home to neglected and unwanted farm animals. They reside in the Adelaide Hills of south Australia on 48 acres of land, but they currently have the opportunity to buy an extra 100 acres of land that just went for sale right next door to freedom hill. This will substantially help them rescue and save more animals, and they will be able to set up an education/visitor centre! Which has been one of their dreams from the beginning.

The aim with the education centre would be to show you the world through the eyes of factory farmed and commercially produced animals. We would like everyone to see the conditions and lifestyles that the farm animal must endure, to hear their plight and then to spend time with each and every one of the rescued beings at the sanctuary. We would hope after a visit that everyone takes time in the future to reflect on what they have experienced in the hope that one day they will consider a life change to their diets.”

but to do this they need some help. They are a small non-profit animal sanctuary, so, they run soley off of the support and donations of people like you and me, they desperately need your help.

Freedom Hill Sanctuary is the first sanctuary of it’s type in South Australia, They do amazing work and the animals they save get all the loving care they could ever need. Going to Freedom Hill, is one of my favourite things. And if you live in South Australia they are having a fundraising picnic on the 29th of September (here is the facebook event) Please, come along.. meet the rescued animals, and please please donate.

They need your help now more than ever, It is kind of a time limit thing, because they don’t want someone else to buy the land before they can manage to raise the funds. If you have any spare money, please donate to them at
If you can’t afford to donate please share, Imagine what a little amount of money could do for so many animals. 

Here is a photo of the land they wish to purchase, 100 acres to make freedom hill a total of 148 acres big :) 
Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to donate, or even to share this post, the animals and I thank you so much.

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Sep. 16, 2013


Heartwarming moment abandoned dog learned to trust humans again as couple track down animal they spotted lying in the road on Google Street View

A dog was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles thanks to a woman who spotted the lost-looking canine while surfing Google Maps.

Jennifer Velasquez contacted the Los Angeles-based group Hope For Paws and let them know where she had seen the dog. She was sitting in front of what looked like an abandoned building, which is right where Hope For Paws’ employee Eldad Hagar found her when he set out to find her.

A local business owner said that he had seen the dog there for as many as 10 years, according to Hagar, who posted a video of the rescue on YouTube.

The dog, which he named Sonya, was shy toward Hagar at first, hiding under a truck instead of greeting him - but she happily gobbled up the bits of cheeseburger he fed her. 

After a while, she trotted out from underneath the truck and over to a parking lot, where he tried to gain her trust and get a leash on her.

Eventually, she allowed Hagar to pet her and before long, she was nuzzling up to his side and inviting the affection. Hagar then loaded her into his SUV and took her to a groomer, who shaved her mangled coat and gave her a bath. 

She was then taken to a vet, as it was revealed she had several tumors and other health problems, including arthritis. She was given the medical treatment she needed and eventually taken in by a foster family.

Two weeks ago, a YouTube user commented on Hagar’s video with an update on her health. 

The user said she was having some problems with bone spurs in her back and that a vet said it could lead to paralysis. 

'She is too old for surgery and that type of surgery is iffy even on a young dog,' the user wrote. 'We have started her on new meds and have started acupuncture. She seems to be responding well to her first session.

'The vet said if she were still on the street she probably wouldn't be walking. Sonya is doing good and is happy as ever. Please send her good thoughts and we will take great care of her.'

adoptpets: I don’t know how that shop owner just did nothing for that poor dog for 10 years. It’s really amazing though how she was rescued by Jennifer looking on google street view & how Jennifer took action and didn’t just ignore the dog. There were some truly great people involved in her rescue. And that dog is just a sweet old gal. At least in her final years she finally found a loving home and the unconditional love she deserves. To donate to Hope for Paws click here:

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Sep. 11, 2013


Make Me Into Anything; But Just Love Me: Maggie Needs Medical Attention!






I adopted Maggie on May 1st 2013; she was in rough shape and had just barley survived having her front 12 incisor teeth taken out. When we adopted Maggie she weighed about 45lbs (she is now 70), had severe hair loss on her back, and had a vitamin b12 deficiency. We had to give her b12 injections every week in order to help her gain weight and become healthy once again. Of course her initial appearance worried me— What if she has a lot of medical issues down the road? I don’t have that kind of money…— but the SPCA assured me that her problems were simply because she was a stray. 

Unfortunately, a few days ago I noticed that Maggie had broken her top left canine tooth. I immediately started researching broken teeth and calling multiple low cost veterinary clinics in hopes that it would be an easy fix… but unfortunately they will have to put her under anesthesia in order to do her dental. The entire process will cost about $375… It might not seem like much but I am a full-time student, I don’t have a job, and my parents do not approve of me having her. If Maggie doesn’t get the surgery ASAP there is a good chance that her tooth will get infected causing more problems and cost in the long run. Maggie is everything to me, I can’t imagine her being in this much pain. If you could spare a few dollars for this beautiful animal I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you,


The link for Maggie is:

please please please donate if you can to this baby, or signal boost if you can’t. she is my housemate and is absolutely the best girl. she likes cuddles, wrestling with her best friend billie, catching flies and howling at fire engines. the physical transformation she’s made in a few months is incredible; her diet is extremely healthy and well balanced, her skin and hair have completely healed. you can no longer see any of her ribs or vertebrae. she is also the happiest dog on the planet and is extremely caring and trusting for a rescue that was in the sort of shape she was in. she is a part of our family and she needs help.

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Aug. 14, 2013

BUB was hoping you could help PAWSS help domestic violence survivors in southern Indiana leave their abusers without abandoning their pets. 
Make a pledge and learn more here.
Research indicates that 48% of domestic violence survivors stay with their abusers because they fear what will happen to their pets. PAWSS is very close to their “tipping point” which allows them to get the money that’s been pledged so far. If you can help, that’s great, if not, please share. BUB appreciates your support.Different pledge points include BUB gifts ranging from magnets, to shirts to a photo-op with BUB, in person.


BUB was hoping you could help PAWSS help domestic violence survivors in southern Indiana leave their abusers without abandoning their pets. 

Make a pledge and learn more here.

Research indicates that 48% of domestic violence survivors stay with their abusers because they fear what will happen to their pets. 

PAWSS is very close to their “tipping point” which allows them to get the money that’s been pledged so far. If you can help, that’s great, if not, please share. BUB appreciates your support.

Different pledge points include BUB gifts ranging from magnets, to shirts to a photo-op with BUB, in person.


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Aug. 5, 2013


Last week, Animal Place rescued 3,000 hens from an egg-laying farm in California. Another victory for this amazing organization! Remember the massive rescue of the Turlock hens? Animal Place does really wonderful work.

Here’s how they explain this most recent operation:

The farm, which will remain confidential, reached out to us after receiving a packet of information on our Rescue Ranch program…which asks egg farmers to relinquish custody of hens instead of sending them to slaughter. To date, this is the largest farm that has agreed to release birds to our sanctuary.

If you want to help Animal Place out, they could certainly use it. Donate here!

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